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Verify Halal Status :

Certifications Fee

The service charge rate is based on preset categories and is subject to change:

Industry / Factory / Product Category:

  • Small Industry
  • Small and Medium Industry
  • Multinational

Food Premise Category:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel

Slaughter House Category:

  • Small sized
  • Medium sized
  • Large sized

All costs for research or laboratory tests regarding the status of product ingredients will be borne fully by the applicant or company concerned.

Lab tests should be conducted by any government laboratories or approved private laboratories.

Below is the list (for the duration of one year) that apply to applicants based on the above categories:

The fee imposed for halal certification is valid for the duration of two (2) years. Delay in payment will affect the Halal inspection visit process conducted at factory / food premise / slaughter house.


Payment is imposed on every renewal application.

A fee will be imposed on the application for additional product (after Halal Validation Certificate has been issued) as stated in Item 5.4.

The letter service charges include the following:

  • payment amount;
  • payment must be made in the form of postal order, money order or bank draft only; or
  • made payable to Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or State Islamic Council/Department (whichever relevant);
  • all payment made is not refundable.