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Halal History

The involvement of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to confirm the status of halal on consumer food products and goods in the country began in the year 1974 when the Research Center of the Islamic Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Office started to issue halal certification letters for products that met the criteria.

Beginning  1994, halal confirmation was given in the form of a certificate with a Halal logo, and beginning 30th September 1998, halal inspections were carried out by Ilham Daya, a company appointed by the government.

On 1st September 2002, the government decided that all halal certification activities will be conducted by JAKIM's Food and Islamic Consumer Products Division which comprised only of 28 positions.

Due to the rapid development of the food industry in this country and in order to meet the needs of the Muslim population, on 17th November 2005, the Public Service Department of Malaysia approved a total of 165 positions from different schemes, grades and designations to create the newly named Halal Hub Division.

On April 2nd 2008, the Halal Industry Development Corporation took over the management of all halal certification activities.

"However the Cabinet meeting on July 8, 2009, has resolved the Malaysian Halal certification management within and outside the country returned to JAKIM."