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Malaysian Halal Certifications Procedure for International Manufacturing

Please be informed that starting on 1st January 2024, application of Malaysian Halal Certification for International Manufacturing shall comply with the procedure mentioned below:

Schemes offered/ JAKIM offers five (5) schemes of halal certification for international manufacturing:

  • Food Product
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods
  • Medical devices

Application is opened for companies registered in Malaysia. Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Halal Certificate are categorized as follows:

  • Branches
  • Subsidiaries company
  • Importers
  • Distributor/ trader
  • Agents in Malaysia

Application form is available on our portal or

It must be completed and accompanied with relevant documents (Please refer to Table 1).

All certification is valid for 2 years.

An audit will be conducted at the manufacturing plant. The minimum duration of auditing must be at least four days i.e. 2 audit days and 2 days round trip and limited to one (1) manufacturing address only. Applicant shall responsible to accompany the auditors throughout the audit trip. The applicant/ factory shall implement the Halal Assurance System. Please refer to the guideline at

· Manual Procedure for Malaysia Halal Certification (MPPHM) 2020:

· Malaysia Halal Management System (MHMS) 2020:



  1. Kindly be advised, for any abattoir or meat-based product application, please contact Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) for more information.
  2. ONE (1) application form can only be used for the application of ONE (1) factory.
  3. ONE (1) application form can only register maximum 100 products.

Should you need more information, please contact our office at:



Level 6 & 7, Block D,

Kompleks Islam Putrajaya(KIP)

No.3, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak

Precinct 3, 62100 Putrajaya

Tel no: 03-8892 5000

Fax no: 03-8892 5005




Table 1

  Please make sure all documents below complete for submission

Cover letter of application explaining;

  1. brief information on the application; and
  2. summary of raw materials/ ingredients
2 Registration of company in Malaysia;
3 Manufacturing license from the local authority (International manufacturer);

Halal Executive certificate and appointment letter of halal Executive (manufacturer and/or applicant);

*Halal Executive must be Muslim
5 Copy of identity card and appointment letter of two Muslim workers (if any);
6 Halal Assurance System (HAS) as below (Manufacturer and/or applicant);
i.    For first time application and/ or new manufacturer:
-    Halal Assurance System Manual/ Procedure
ii.    Renewal and/ or existing manufacturer:
-    Halal Policy
-    Internal Halal Committee 
-    Summary of Halal Risk Management Plan
-    HAS amendment (if any)
7 Halal certificate or product specification for ALL raw materials or ingredients;
a.    Documents should be compiled according to the list of raw materials in the MYeHALAL system; and
b.    Raw materials must be clearly marked on the halal certificate or related documents
8 Halal certificate or product specification for processing aids including water filter/purification used in the factory;
9 Manufacturing license from National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) (for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products only) (if applicable); 
10 Establishment licence, medical device registration from Medical Device Authority (MDA) and ISO 13485:2017 (for medical device products only) (if applicable);
11 Product processing flow chart;
12 Packaging artwork;
13 Factory layout plan;
14 Factory location map; 
15 Other documents of manufacturers such as Halal Certificate, HACCP, ISO, GHP, GMP, TQM and etc. (if applicable)