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Visits From Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Jeddah

PUTRAJAYA, February 15, 2019 - JAKIM Malaysia Halal Council Secretariat has received an honorary delegation visit from IsDB in Jeddah, led by Eng. Mohammad Jamaat Alsaati, Director, Office of the President IDBG. The visit that took place at Block D, Putrajaya Islamic Complex is a partnership on the latest developments in the implementation of the Malaysian Halal Certification Initiatives.

Additionally, this visit is aimed at exploring areas of cooperation that can be utilized jointly between JAKIM and IsDB. In this regard, the partnership aims to create a two-way communication in the vission to strengthen the Global Halal ecosystem.

JAKIM is optimistic that this cooperation can move forward with the goals rahmatan lil alamin and ideas of the Malaysian government's cooperation. Director of Malaysian Halal Council, Dato' Dr. Sirajuddin Suhaimee with some senior officer from the Malaysian Halal Council Secretariat and Halal Management Division were also involved in the discussion and focused on sharing information with IsDB.