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DNA Forensics Courses And Food

Halal products in the market at this point does not deviate from consumer complaints to doubt its halal status even though it has a kosher certificate. Thus the authorities entrusted with this responsibility must be faced in trying to prove the validity of halal products. DNA technique often used to identify animal species since DNA is stable even after processing the product. In addition it is highly resistant to high temperatures as well as molecular biology last long and is present in all living organism and tissue type. Results of the analysis Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) showed very good results for qualitative and quantitative detection for example, the source of the swine in the sample.

To enhance knowledge and understanding of personnel in the field of Enforcement and Monitoring Branch of the Halal Hub Division in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology Faculty has organized courses and Forensic DNA at 5-7 last November at the Masjid Putra and Food Pilot Plant, Faculty of Science and Technology Faculty. Advisors for this course consists of DNA and Forensic Science Expert SMEs, namely Prof Dr Khairul Osman, Mr. Amidon Anan (former Police Forensic Expert) and Dr Siti Noorbaiyah Abdul Malek. Participants were exposed to DNA theory, methods / procedures for sampling food forensics, evidence collection and documentation of evidence. Equipment for the processing of evidence in the suspected locations were also introduced to the participants.

Practical training has been going on Food Pilot Plant, SMEs and every participant has applied the theoretical knowledge acquired earlier.


Participants with Mr. Amidon Anan, former police forensics expert



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