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Applicants that are eligible to apply for the Halal Confirmation Certificate are categorized as follows:

  • producer / manufacturer;
  • distributor/ trade);
  • sub-contract manufacture);
  • repacking;
  • food premise; and
  • abattoir/slaughter house.

Application for the Halal Confirmation Certificate for national and international markets should be submitted to the JAKIM Halal Hub, as an on-line application.


Application for the Halal Confirmation Certificate for the local market must be submitted directly to JAIN/MAIN whichever one being relevant.


Applications will be unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  • The company is producing and distributing halal and non halal products;
  • Product is not halal;
  • Natural substances that do not involve any processing;
  • Drugs or products that are categorized as pharmaceutical products by the Ministry of Health Malaysia;
  • Hair colorant / hair dye;
  • Processed products manufactured overseas;
  • Products that are labeled with names synonymous with confusing terminology such as ‘bak kut the’ and so on;
  • Fertilizer and animal feed;

The applicant must fill in the relevant form :

  • Product / Consumer Goods
  • Food Premise
  • Slaughter House

The application must be submitted on-line complete with the required documents and relevant certificates as listed below:

  • Company profile;
  • Company / business registration;
  • Name and description of product / menu for certification;
  • Ingredients used;
  • Name and address of manufacturer / ingredient supplier;
  • Halal status for ingredients with halal certificate or product specification for critical ingredients (if relevant);
  • Type of packaging material;
  • Manufacturing process and procedure;
  • Other documents such as HACCP, ISO, GHP, GMP, TQM etc. (If any); and
  • Location map of premise / factory.

The applicant must create a "Halal Confirmation Certificate" file to store all relevant documents and that can be referred to during premise inspection.

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